TriboDyn (Patented) ATF Fully Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF - 1 Gallon (3.78 Liter)

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TriboDyn® Fully Synthetic MV-ATF is a proprietary multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid specially formulated for service in Automotive & Heavy-Duty applications. It is engineered to minimize corrosion & wear, reduce operating temperature, maximize gear & transmission life, perform under extreme pressure & heat, provide smooth, positive shift engagment, and eliminate clutch drag & transmission shudder. Is recommended for use in all street, truck & off-road vehicles, including all forms of High-Performance Racing with automatic transmissions.

Applications: TriboDyn® Fully Synthetic MV-ATF is suitable for use in most passenger cars, and light & heavy-duty truck applications including: Aisin Warner AW-1*, Allison C-4, Allison C-3, Allison TES-295, Allison TES-389, AS 68 RC (T IV), Audi G 052 025, Audi G 052 162, Audi G 055 025, Audi 5HP LT 71141 (Audi G-052-162-A1 / A2), Audi 5HP (ZF 5 HP 30), Audi G-055-025-A2 (JWS 3309), BMW ETL-7045, 7045E (83 22 0 026 922), BMW LA2634, BMW LT 71141, BMW 5 HP (ZF 5 HP 30), BMW 5 HP LT 71141, BMW MINI 83 22 0 402 413 9 (JWS 3309), Caterpillar Powershift TO-2, Chrysler ATFs, Chrysler Mopar AS 68 RC (T IV), Daewoo LT 71141, DEXRON®, DEXRON®-II, IID, IIE, DEXRON®-IIIF, IIIG, IIIH, DEXRON® VI*, Esso LT 71141, Fiat, Typo T IV, Ford FNR5, Ford MERCON® (XT-2-QDR, XT-2-QSM SYN), Ford MERCON® V, Ford WSS M2C 922 A1, 924-A (XT-8-QAW) (JWS 3309), GM Type A, GM T IV, Honda DW-1, Honda ATF-Z1, Hyundai/Kia Red 1, SP-II, III, Hyundai/Kia SP-IV*, Hyundai NWS-9638*, Idemitsu K17, Isuzu Bescom ATF II, III, Jaguar ATF 3403 M115, Jaguar LT 71141, JASO 1-A, JWS 3309 (T IV), JWS 3324 (WS)*, MAN 339F, MAN 339 V1, MAN 339 V2, MAN 339 Z1, MAN 339 Z2, Mazda ATF-M III, Mazda ATF-M V, Mercedes-Benz 236.1, Mercedes-Benz 236.2, Mercedes-Benz 236.5, Mercedes-Benz 236.6, Mercedes-Benz 236.7, Mercedes-Benz 236.9, Mercedes-Benz 236.10, Mercedes-Benz 236.11, Mitsubishi SP-II, SP-III, SP IV, J2, NAG 1 (Jeep Cherokee), Nissan 402 Nissan Matic-D, J, K, Nissan Matic-S*, Porsche ATF 3403 M115, Porsche LT 71141, Saab T IV, Saturn T IV, Scion (All Vehicles), Shell 3403, M115, Shell LA2634, Subaru ATF, ATF-HP, Suzuki ATF 3309, Texaco ETL-7045E, Texaco ETL-8072B, Texaco N402, Toyota T-III & T-IV, Toyota WS (JWS 3324)*, Voith 55.6335.XX (G607), Voith 55.6336.XX (G1363), Volvo 97340, Volvo 97341, VW G 052 025, VW G 052 162, VW G 052 099, VW G 055 025, VW 5HP LT 71141 (Audi G-052-162-A1 / A2), VW 5HP (ZF 5 HP 30), ZF TE-ML 03D, 04D, 05L, 09, 11B, 14A, 16L, 17C, ZF TE-ML 14B, ZF 5 HP 18FL / 19FL / 24A. 
*Vis requirement not met.

Directions for use: Follow manufacturer's filling instructions, recommended ATF capacity, and all other OEM specifications. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS.

WARNING: Contains petroleum distillates. Avoid direct exposure. May cause skin or eye irritation. Ingestions may cause GI tract irritations or stomach discomfort. Inhalation of oil mists or heated oils may result in respiratory tract irritation. 
Slip hazard when spilled.


EYES - Flush with water for 15 minutes; get medical attention if eye irritation persists.
SKIN - Wash with soap and water get medical attention if irritation develops.
INGESTION - If swallowed, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING- Rinse mouth with water; get immediate medical attention.
INHALATION - Remove exposed person to fresh air if adverse effects are observed; get medical attention if symptoms occur.